Discover the Top Bat of Choice for Aaron Judge in 2021: A Comprehensive Review

Curious to know what bat Aaron Judge, the legendary New York Yankees slugger, uses? Discover the secret to his power and precision with this ultimate guide on what bat he swings. Get ready to take your game to the next level!

About Aaron Judge and His Bat Usage

New York Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge is known for his impressive power and home runs, making him a formidable force on the baseball field. But have you ever wondered what type of bat he uses to achieve such impressive hits? In this article, we will delve into the answer to the burning question – what bat does Aaron Judge use?

What brand of bat does Aaron Judge use?

Aaron Judge has been using the Marucci AP5 model of baseball bat since his debut with the New York Yankees in 2016. Marucci is a well-known brand in the baseball community, and the AP5 model is one of their most popular models. It is a maple wood bat with a black gloss finish and a slightly flared knob. The length and weight of the bat are 34 inches and 33 ounces, respectively.

Why did Aaron Judge choose the Marucci AP5 bat?

According to interviews with Aaron Judge, the decision to use the Marucci AP5 bat was mainly due to the brand’s quality and their willingness to work with him to customize the bat to his liking. Judge consulted with his hitting coach and decided that the AP5 model was the best fit for his hitting style. He also appreciates that the Marucci team takes time to handcraft each bat, ensuring top-notch quality.

How does Aaron Judge prepare his bats?

As with most professional baseball players, Aaron Judge has a detailed bat preparation routine to ensure maximum performance on the field. Before each game, Judge applies pine tar on the handle of his bat to provide a better grip. He also rubs dirt and ball marks on the barrel of the bat, creating more friction and improving his swing.

Does Aaron Judge use the same bat for every game?

While Aaron Judge primarily uses the Marucci AP5 model, he does rotate between a few different bats throughout the season. Typically, he will use a different bat for each game, giving his preferred bat a break and preventing it from becoming too used.

Other equipment used by Aaron Judge

Apart from his trusted Marucci AP5 bat, Aaron Judge also uses a few other pieces of equipment to enhance his performance on the field. He wears Nike batting gloves and cleats, which are known for their high-quality and durable design. He also wears a Rawlings Pro Preferred glove for fielding, which is customized to his liking and provides a perfect fit for his hand size.

The Success of Aaron Judge with the Marucci AP5 Bat

Since switching to the Marucci AP5 model, Aaron Judge has achieved incredible success with his hitting. In his debut season in 2017, he hit a record-breaking 52 home runs, earning him the American League Rookie of the Year award. This success continued in the following seasons, with Judge being selected for multiple All-Star teams and being a key player in the New York Yankees’ playoff runs.

Influence on other players

The success of Aaron Judge with the Marucci AP5 bat has not gone unnoticed in the baseball community. It has influenced many young players to start using the same bat, hoping to emulate Judge’s impressive hitting abilities. The Marucci brand has also seen a considerable increase in sales since Judge started using their bats, making it a popular choice among players at all levels.

Customized bats for fans

Marucci has even released a limited edition “Aaron Judge” model of the AP5 bat, allowing fans to use the same bat as their favorite player. The model follows the same specifications as Aaron Judge’s bat, including the black gloss finish and slightly flared knob. This bat has become a prized possession for many fans and collectors.

Curious to know what bat Aaron Judge, the legendary New York Yankees slugger, uses? Discover the secret to his power and precision with this ultimate guide on what bat he swings. Get ready to take your game to the next level!. Aaron Judge, bat, use.

Aaron Judge’s Bat of Choice: All You Need to Know

The Power Behind the Swing: Aaron Judge’s Bat

When it comes to hitting home runs and breaking records, Aaron Judge is no stranger. The Yankee’s outfielder has made history with his impressive swings, smashing 52 home runs in his rookie season and earning the title of “King of Exit Velocity”. While there are many factors that contribute to his success, one of the most critical aspects is his bat. In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at the bat that Aaron Judge uses and some of its key features that make it his go-to choice.

Batting for Success: What Bat Does Aaron Judge Use?

Before we get into the specifics of Aaron Judge’s bat, let’s answer the most frequently asked question: what brand does he use? The answer is Louisville Slugger. But it’s not just any Louisville Slugger bat, it’s the “AJ10” model, which stands for Aaron Judge’s initials followed by his jersey number.

The AJ10: Breaking Down Judge’s Bat

Made with pride in America, the AJ10 model is a powerhouse of a bat. It’s a one-piece bat, meaning it’s made from a single material (in this case, maple wood) without any joints or connections. It’s 34 inches long and weighs 32 ounces, making it one of the heaviest bats in Major League Baseball.

But what sets the AJ10 apart is its unique barrel shape. Unlike traditional bats that have a round barrel, the AJ10 has a flared and elongated barrel, similar to a trumpet. This shape allows for a larger sweet spot, which is the area of the bat that produces the most power when hit. This is crucial for a player like Aaron Judge, who relies heavily on power and strength to hit the ball out of the park.

As for the color, Judge’s bat has a sleek and simple design. It has a black finish with a red handle, adding a pop of color to the overall look. But style isn’t the only reason for the color choice. According to the player himself, the red handle makes it easier for him to track his bat while swinging, especially in night games under the stadium lights.

The Case for Maple Wood

When it comes to wood bats, players have the option to choose between three types: maple, ash, and birch. While Aaron Judge has tried all three, he ultimately settled on maple wood for his bat of choice. But why?

Maple wood is known for being the hardest and densest of the three types, making it extremely durable and less likely to break or splinter. This is essential for power hitters like Judge, who have the potential to break their bats with every swing. Additionally, maple wood has a tighter grain structure, resulting in a more solid contact with the ball and adding more power to the hit.

However, the downside of maple wood is that it can be heavier, making it unsuitable for some players who prefer a lighter bat. But for Aaron Judge, the trade-off of power and durability is worth it.

The Impact of Technology

It’s not just the wood that makes the AJ10 a top choice for Aaron Judge. Louisville Slugger’s new technology, called “EXOARMOR”, is also a significant factor. This technology adds a layer of composite material to the handle of the bat, making it even more durable and enhancing its overall performance. Judge has credited this technology for helping him hit the ball with more power, even on off-center hits.

Additionally, the company has also introduced a “cupping” technique, where a portion of the bat’s end is hollowed out. This removes some of the weight from the end of the bat, allowing players to swing faster and add more speed to their hits. However, Judge has opted to forgo this feature for his bat, as he prefers the weight for more power in his swings.

The Future of the AJ10

As with most things in the world of sports, technology and innovation are constantly on the rise. Louisville Slugger has mentioned that they are continuously working with Aaron Judge to further refine and improve the AJ10 model to meet his evolving needs. We can only anticipate what the future holds for the bat that has already helped Judge make such a significant impact in the baseball world.

No Replacements: Aaron Judge’s Unwavering Loyalty to His Bat

It’s safe to say that Aaron Judge and his AJ10 bat are a match made in baseball heaven. Since he first started using this model in college, Judge has stuck with it throughout his entire professional career. Despite offers and opportunities from other bat companies, he has remained fiercely loyal to Louisville Slugger and his beloved AJ10.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

While the AJ10 is undoubtedly a powerful bat, it’s also been vital in Aaron Judge’s success as a player. In both his rookie season and the following year, Judge led the league in the average exit velocity of his hits (the speed at which the ball leaves the bat). In 2017, he set a record with a 121.1 mph exit velocity, the fastest ever recorded in MLB history. And in 2018, he again topped the league with a jaw-dropping 95.7 mph average exit velocity.

The AJ10 has also helped Judge hit more home runs than any other player in his first 200 career games in history. And with the 2019 season still in progress, there’s no telling how much farther this bat and this player can go together.

The Importance of Finding the Perfect Bat

For professional baseball players like Aaron Judge, the bat is an extension of their body and plays a significant role in their performance on the field. Finding the perfect bat is a meticulous process, and once a player finds what works, they often stick with it for their entire career. In Judge’s case, the AJ10 has proven to be a winning choice, both for him and his team.


Aaron Judge is not just an exceptional baseball player, but he’s also a prime example of the importance of choosing the right equipment. His bat of choice, the AJ10, has been instrumental in his success and has solidified its place as one of the most iconic bats in Major League Baseball. With its unique design, use of innovative technology, and Judge’s unwavering loyalty, the AJ10 has undoubtedly earned its spot in baseball history. Discover the Top Bat of Choice for Aaron Judge in 2021: A Comprehensive Review

Frequently Asked Questions On Top Bat of Choice for Aaron Judge in 2021

What bat does Aaron Judge use?

Aaron Judge currently uses the Marucci AP5 maple bat.

How long is Aaron Judge’s bat?

Aaron Judge’s bat is 34 inches long.

Does Aaron Judge use Louisville Slugger bats?

No, Aaron Judge does not use Louisville Slugger bats. He currently uses Marucci bats.

What wood is Aaron Judge’s bat made of?

Aaron Judge’s bat is made of maple wood.

What size bat does Aaron Judge use?

Aaron Judge uses a 34-inch bat.

Does Aaron Judge use a one- or two-handed grip?

Aaron Judge uses a one-handed grip while swinging the bat.

What is the weight of Aaron Judge’s bat?

The weight of Aaron Judge’s bat is 33 ounces.

Is Aaron Judge’s bat customized?

Yes, Aaron Judge’s bat is customized with his signature and preferred weight and length.

What brand of bat did Aaron Judge use in college?

In college, Aaron Judge used a Rawlings 5150 bat.

Does Aaron Judge use a wooden or metal bat?

Aaron Judge uses a wooden bat, specifically maple wood.

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